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My Greatest Hero

MegaMan. He is the first reason I know and understand justice.

Ever since my childhood when I got my PS, he's always be #1 Hero in my heart. Heck, if I never saw him in the video games, I might end up being far more a jerk than I am now. I can still protect my own ideals and (hopefully) stays a good person thanks to him!

…Okay, that might sound childish and geeky, but that's true.

The real people out there make me learn stuff, but mostly about bitterness in the world. Hey, it helps you grow up, but won't be enough to help you survive.

Hell, you without those 'fictional heroes' in your heart, there will be less and less people out there who upright morality and peace.

It's not good to live the real world without dreams. You'll end up as a hollow person who just keep making money with expressionless face. Nobody who watched that will smile. Use your dream power to breathe some life in your heart! We're humans who have feelings, not some empty shell of flesh and skin! Get a wonderful life full of positive emotions, great dreams, skillful legal career, and bright ideals NOW!

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Give prosperity to ALL poor people, so no one will do evil for living.

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"Nothing's impossible."

Because the least possible things could happen all the time when you're not looking, and crazy stuff goes around you if you're keen enough.

Getting a good and compatible job!

Most jobs aren't really my forte…

Comic books!!! Especially good ones, not random stuff.

Today… When my maid made me some good fried chickens…

Hello world!

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